Siesta – ATXM-N

Daikin’s Siesta-ATXM-N makes sure you can always take a deep breath with no worries about air impurities.
Siesta – ATXM-N

Energy Efficiency

  • Available with Bluevolution technology to further reduce your environmental impact.
  • Available in R-32 which reduces the environmental impact by 68% compared to R-410A.
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency.
  • Seasonal efficiency values up to A+++ in cooling and heating.


Daikin Flash Streamer Technology
This technology increases the quality of indoor air through powerful purification.


2-Area Detection Sensor
Siesta has a Two-Area motion Detection Sensor (is it a brand name? if not, it should be in lower case, detection sensor) that sends the air flow to a zone other than where the person is located at that moment. If no people are detected, the unit will automatically switch over to the energy efficient setting.


Silent Operation
Daikin Siesta ATXM-N is practically inaudible, you will almost forget it is there.


3-D Air Flow
Siesta has a 3-D air flow that combines vertical and horizontal auto swing to circulate a stream of warm or cool air right to the corners of even large spaces.


The sleek and unobtrusive design of the indoor unit makes it easier to blend with different interiors. At the same time, outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can be easily be mounted on a roof, terrace or simply placed against an external wall.


Anywhere – Anytime
The plug and play standard WLAN device has an intuitive interface that allows you to set and even schedule the temperature from anywhere. Control individual rooms, create different schedules, monitor your energy usage and program your unit to reflect your lifestyle. Available on the App Store for iOS and Android.