Fine-tuning interchanging environments within an unconventional space.

Skyline, Mar Mikhael - Beirut, Lebanon


Situated in the North Eastern sector of Beirut- Medawar, it offers a panoramic view on the majestic Sannine Mountains and the endless horizon of the Mediterranean.

This high-rise building benefits from irregular belts of suspended slabs with interchanging functions. This allows for flexible extension or retraction of every internal space to accommodate for additional amenities such as planters, pools, Jacuzzis and so on.


Placement of the products to be installed was an unusual challenge due to the unusual architectural style of this residential building.

Type of Product Installed

Combined heating and cooling system, VRV with Hydrobox to cool and heat the air around the project, its swimming pools and Jacuzzis while at the same time providing hot water to the entire structure.

Product Details

Heat Recovery + Hydrobox +