Taking the heat off the tallest high-rise in Lebanon

Sky Gate, Achrafieh, Lebanon


Sky Gate is located on the peak-point of Achrafieh, Beirut and consists of 42 unconventional floors making it the tallest structure in Lebanon.

The high-rise benefits from simplexes, duplexes and a penthouse with 3.5-meter-high ceilings, a 360o view, state of the art amenities and 3,000m2 of greenery and water.


There were two units installed at each apartment level and stacked on top of one another, thus creating an area that gathered a lot of heat.

We carried a CFD study in coordination with Daikin in order to make sure that the hot air discharged from one floor would be directed away from the other and that all units were very well ventilated and performing efficiently.

Type of Product Installed

90 VRV Outdoor units were installed.

Product Details

Heat Pump +
Sky Gate