District S

Establishing the comfort zone within an urban neighborhood.

District S, Beirut Central District, Lebanon


Situated in the historic center of Beirut, it consists of 22 modules ranging from 3 to 7 floors spread across 13,200m2.

The urban neighborhood benefits from fully serviced residential and retail spaces in addition to a main public garden, elevated and roof gardens, pedestrian alleys as well as other amenities.


Area capacity was an important challenge in this project. The original design proposal of the project allowed for boilers, fuel tanks, pumps and outdoor units amongst others. Having to install the heating and cooling systems proposed by the project required substantial dedicated technical space.

Type of Product Installed

VRV and high temperature Hydrobox replaced the existing heating plant and fuel rooms. This comfortably covered the cooling and heating demands of the project while having one system in place instead of two, and saved the client 200m2 of space.

Product Details

Heat Recovery + Hydrobox +
District S