Maintaining good air circulation in an urban environment

3Beirut, Beirut Central District, Lebanon


3BEIRUT stands on one of the most strategic lots in Beirut Central District and has become an exclusive landmark in Beirut.
Consisting of three buildings, it stands on the main road going from Beirut Souks to Beirut Marina.

The landmark benefits from expansive windows, high ceilings, spectacular terraces and landscaped rooftops making for a sophisticated and attractive environment.


It was imperative to have a discreet, almost invisible end result that does not interfere with the building’s unique design and refined aesthetics.

After carrying out a CFD study, units were divided between sections of the roof and some balconies in the most unobtrusive way possible without compromising efficiency or performance.

Type of Product Installed

186 VRV Outdoor units were installed.

Product Details

Heat Pump +